Cystic Acne | What to do when antibiotics no longer work

During the early years of high school, I had pimples every once in a while. When I was 17, it turned into a moderate form of acne. It was mainly on my chin and sometimes around my nose area.

I tried reducing sugar, salt and fats in my diet and drank more water. It didn’t work.

After a few months with no improvements, I visited a doctor. After a few check-ups and blood tests, he said it was cystic acne. These are the ones that are red, inflamed and very painful. I was put onto antibiotics and told to apply a treatment cream on the affected area. Within 3 months, it all cleared up. I continued taking the antibiotics for about a year and then stopped.

A few weeks later, it came back. I became self-conscious again about my skin and my appearance.

When I was prescribed the antibiotics again, it had no effect on me. My body had gotten used to the medicine and it no longer worked.

This was when I was introduced the pill. Although I was told about the many side effects it could have, I still wanted to try it out. The acne had really taken a toll on my self esteem and happiness.

I have been on the pill for over a year and I am the happiest I have been about my skin for a long time. I visit my doctor every three months to get the prescription and to check for any side effects.


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