Mental Health and Your Skin

Today is World Mental Health day. Did you know that there is a relationship between psychiatric illnesses and skin disease?

In 2009, a study conducted by Parker Magin, PhD, David Sibbritt, PhD and Kylie Bailey, MPsych, discovered that depression, anxiety and stress is a factor in the causation of skin diseases.

In a sample size of 6630 women, they found that women with skin problems had the highest levels of depression symptoms.

Table 1: Correlation between skin problems and stress


One way to reduce and manage skin problems is to lower stress and gain better mental health.

Here are three methods to lower stress:

  1. Exercise

Exercise releases endorphins. This helps boost your mood and burn away anger, tension and frustration. Simple things like going to a yoga class, walking to the local shops and playing with your dog are beneficial.

  1. Connect with others

Reach out to family and friends. They may not be problem solvers but having someone to talk to and vent out frustration is surprisingly therapeutic.

  1. Get enough sleep

Get enough sleep and put away some time to unwind. This can be difficult with a busy schedule such as juggling work and study – but make the most of that procrastination time!


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