Dry eyelids | what is wrong with your eye?

Every winter, I would get this dry, flaky patch of skin on my eyelids. Sometimes it would be on my left, and sometimes it would be on my right.

Because it is also quite red, it really captures the attention of other people. They would ask me questions such as:

“What is wrong with you eye?

I have no idea, I’ll reply. After all, the doctor just told me to deal with it – which is honestly not very helpful.

I gave this “just deal with it” a go, but no, it just wasn’t going to happen.

I got increasingly self-conscious, to the point where I convinced my doctor to prescribe me something – anything – so that it would go away. He did, and it worked like magic.

I honestly thought that I wouldn’t have to worry about it ever again… But as if on cue, it was back next year. And the year after that. It was perpetual problem and still is.

The only difference now is that that ‘just dealing with it’ has gradually become the more attractive option.


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