Acne and Eczema | The worst combination

I have acne and eczema. I think it’s the worst combination because you have both dry and oily patches of skin on your face.

I used to only have eczema on my body as a kid. It was pretty bad – itchy and always bleeding. In fact, I still have the scarring under my knees and arms. It stopped for a while and now it’s on the temples of my face.

My acne also just started last year. It flares up once a month and is particularly bad when I’m stressed out. My cheeks are inflamed and it can be hard to sleep sometimes. Once, it hurt so much I couldn’t even wash my face.

When people recommend a really good product to me that is either good for acne or eczema, I am hesitant to try it because I have to balance both conditions. If I try an astringent for acne, it only aggravates my eczema, or if I try something with good moisture, I get breakouts.

I’ve seen many doctors and they all prescribe the same things. There’s no cure but my favourite products to use all contain chamomile or calendula, such as the Khiels’ Calendula cleanser or Aesop’s Blue Chamomile masque. They’s very calming and good for sensitive skin. I find that that’s the only thing that helps both my eczema and acne.


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