Periorial Dermatitis | I wanted to scratch my skin off

“I suffer from perioral dermatitis. This is an uncomfortable itchiness around my mouth.”

“It causes constant irritation when I have a flare up. I wanted to scratch my skin off. The only way to relieve it is by prescribed creams and ointments.”


“Visually, it is read, scaly and just overall unpleasant to look at.”

“It comes and goes depending on the environment such as the sin and the wind. However, most of the time, flare ups are unexpected. It just happens.”


“After seeing a dermatologist and doctors, I’ve no learnt how to pick up on certain triggers and which ointments work best. I’ve gradually started to feel more in control.”

“I also like to choose products that for sensitive skin and hypoallergenic. I like it when they are free from parabens too. QV is an especially safe product.”


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