Acne in High School | “You should get that checked out….”

“I used to get really bad acne in high school. It was not a pleasant experience for me.”

“There was this girl from back then who came up to and said: ‘You should go to the doctors and get that checked out.’”

“And so I did end up going to doctors eventually. I mean, even if the girl didn’t say anything I’m pretty sure my mum would have anyway.”

“Meanwhile, my dad thought it was because I ate too much lobster. That didn’t sound very plausible to me.”

“Still, that comment hurt. I was sad, embarrassed and quite upset.”

“Anyway, I went to the doctor’s and she provide me with a medicated cream.”

“I relied on it a lot. I started out using it everyday and night for a couple of years.”

“When I stopped using it, I continued to get breakouts.”

“It’s not as bad now. It gets oily during the day but I don’t really know what to do with that.”


Do you have oily skin? How do you manage it? Leave a comment below or message us on Facebook!

Or read more about the mental health side of things here.


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