Acne | I went on three types of birth control

“Last year, I went on three types of birth control. It was so sh*t. It obviously works for some people but my acne just continued.”

“It didn’t do anything and I hated taking a pill at the same time everyday.”

“There are also these placebo pills and they make you period become super regular. I didn’t like that either. Too unnatural.”

“Things finally started to clear up when I went to a dermatologist.”

“They gave me this skin medication and my skin just started to get better.”

“Mine was also covered by Medicare. I just found my closest one to be honest and so glad that I went.”


“I don’t think anyone likes having acne.”

“It’s hormonal so it has nothing to do with how I’ve been looking after my skin. It’s not as simple as changing a cleanser but it can help with the effects.”

“It can get very frustrating when you have tried a million different things and nothing seemed to work.”


3 thoughts on “Acne | I went on three types of birth control

  1. Ah this post is so relatable! I had the same problem and have struggled for years with acne! I’ve tried every woolworths product, plenty of pills and even medicated cream but you’ll never guess what works for me! MANUKA HONEY! I use the honey as a face mask twice a week and leave it on for as long as I can. The honey is an active ingredient so it helps cleanse the bacteria and even makes my skin feel soft. My skin care routine has gone from so many creams/ medication to ASAP cleansing gel, a manuka honey face mask twice a week and moisturiser every night. I love that this blog draws attention to different skin conditions! Acne is such a common one, so i’d love to find out what has worked for everyone else too x

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    1. Wow! That’s so unexpected! And I agree! I always find that simple works the best. My skin goes crazy if I try too many things. Do you add anything to the manuka honey? Or as a scrub? I tried adding a bit of very fine salt to normal honey and that was surprisingly good.


      1. Honey works wonders! Surprisingly, I don’t add anything- i literally just put the honey on my face and leave it for a few mins/hours depending on how much time i have! It’s super sticky, but soo worth the results at the end 🙂


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